Tweehonderd kinderen, elk één woord, samen een verhaal.

A little glow in the dark is a project that is born in a dream in somebody’s head on a night with a million stars in the sky.
In the beginning there was no noise because of course everybody was sleeping and living in his own dreamworld.
But then in a moment you could hear a song far away. Two hundred children voices were singing in harmony like angels.
You couldn’t see them, just hear. You still can. Take a minute of your time and listen gently. Let us all whisper.
The song is about themselves creating something beautiful. With their own hands they are making things and building an own world. White handprints are filling walls as high as you can see. The handprints on top can easily touch heaven.
The place where they stock all our dreams. All together they climb up and bring their dreams down to the ground and put them together. The bunch of dreams starts lighting up as if you bring wood to a fire. In this big big world it is still just a small lightening up. But it is nice and heart warming to see. Just a little glow in the dark.